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Shawn Khoo updates us with info about Twitch's plans for a Twitch Convention on our side of the pond!

Shawn Khoo
26th June 2019
Image Credit: Flickr (akcsl_oneperday)

As TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose, California came to a close, Twitch announced on Twitter on 21 November that they would raise the curtains on their new venture: TwitchCon 2019, the first ever TwitchCon to be held in Europe.

For the uninitiated, is a website for streaming almost anything from daily life to video games, and even various forms of art. TwitchCon is, as the name suggests, a convention for streamers, viewers and staff of Twitch to meet in real life, with highlights such as meet-and-greets with popular streamers, talk shows organised by staff, and a plethora of activities for participants to engage in.

Despite the fact that Twitch boasts a “global community”, it has been inevitable that a significant portion of the community has historically been unable to attend TwitchCon. This means that a significant number of people within the community itself have unfortunately been left out of the full Twitch experience.

Content will be translated to English, German and French where it is possible to do so.

With TwitchCon Europe on the horizon, these problems could potentially be mitigated, contributing to the identity of Twitch as a shared global entity.

It has been announced that the upcoming TwitchCon Europe will be held at the CityCube expo centre in Berlin, Germany and it will be a two-day event from 13-14 April, 2019. Content will be translated to English, German and French where it is possible to do so. For those who were able to attend prior TwitchCons, TwitchCon Europe will not replace TwitchCon in North America.

Information about attendees, merchandise stores and ticketing have yet to be confirmed, so Twitch fans in Europe will have to be patient as more information is released.

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