Tyneside Cinema to receive over £300 000 from government Culture Recovery Fund

Harriet Metcalfe on the second round of grants from the CRF

Harriet Metcalfe
22nd October 2020
Image: Nicole on Twitter
Tyneside Cinema is to receive £309 800 in grants from the second round of the Government's Culture Recovery Fund (CRF). The news follows CEO Holly Keeble's and Chair of the Board of Trustees Lucy Armstrong's decision to step down, following abuse allegations at the Cinema.

The Government's Culture Recovery Fund has so far provided £334 million of investment to museums, theatres and other cultural venues, with more on the way. Two rounds of grants have been announced, with the North East receiving £10 096 050 in the first, and £3 829 593 in the second.

The £309 800 funding decision was met with criticism by the organisation Save Tyneside Cinema, which was created in response to abuse allegations. The organisation pointed out the upper limit of the salary being offered for the Cinema's interim CEO was nearly a third of the CRF grant.

Save Tyneside Cinema went on to question why Tyneside Cinema couldn't operate without a CEO, given that it had done so in the past.

"One individual spearheading a beloved institution to benefit themselves is how we got into this mess in the first place," the organisation opined, calling for a "cultural venue that prioritises culture, not capital".

The recovery fund has already come under fire due to the allocation of almost £1 million to "Secret Group", the parent company of the better-known "Secret Cinema". This was despite other, cheaper venues being denied support. Secret Group's current CEO was previously the managing director of Talk Talk TV.

The Tyneside Cinema became embroiled in scandal over the Summer, when employees and former employees came forward over workplace harassment and sexual abuse. Keeble and Armstrong announced they would step down at the end of last month.

Arts Council England states that further details and breakdowns of where the investments are going will not be published until all the rounds of grants have been announced.

Featured Image: Nicole on Twitter

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