Unlikely Style Icon: Bridget Jones

Laura Greatrex on what fashion tips you can learn from Britain’s finest fictional damsel in distress

13th February 2017

Bridget Jones, arguably one of the funniest female protagonists to have ever existed, is also an undeniable fashion icon. It’s not just her crazy personality and embarrassing life experiences that are relatable, but her extraordinary style choices too-  be that a misjudged fancy dress party or ‘genuinely tiny knickers’. Even though Bridget Jones’s Diary was released over fifteen years ago, her unique looks have stood the test of time. This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re on a date, downing trebles in Soho, chilling at home with your significant other, or watching movies with your housemates, look to Bridget for fashion inspiration and guidance.

For me, Bridget’s most memorable outfit is her sexy bunny costume, complete with fishnet tights and fluffy pom-pom tail. Although recreating it is a little unoriginal (and let’s be honest, no one will look as good in this outfit as Ms Jones herself), you can easily, and cheaply, transform yourself into a saucy rabbit, undoubtedly grabbing the attention of everyone you meet.

If you’re looking to wear something sexy, perhaps for a date or a night out in the city, but don’t want to go full bunny, get inspired by the LBD Bridget wears for her date with Daniel Cleaver AKA Hugh Grant. Bridget recognises that you can’t go wrong with black and demonstrates how extremely flattering and versatile this colour is. Plus, if you’re on a date, and are a clumsy person like myself, black will ensure that spilt drinks and dribbled sauces will remain your little secret. For a more formal or flashy occasion, look to Bridget’s timeless and elegant gold ball gown - just don’t copy Bridget by doing your makeup in an Uber en route!

One thing we can definitely learn from Bridget is to choose our underwear wisely, however you should never be ashamed of choosing big knickers over a lacy thong. Not only are they incredibly comfortable and supportive, big pants can help to hide the food baby you acquire from over-indulging on your date at Pitcher & Piano, or the alcohol bloating you get from that one (or three) drinks you have to calm any pre-date nerves.

“My personal favourite of Bridget’s looks is when she wraps herself in a duvet and scoffs Ben & Jerry’s”

If you’re going for a lunch or daytime date, take inspiration from the pretty pink number Bridget wears when she goes to confesses her love for Mark Darcy, a look that is both demure and flirty. A sure-fire way to capture the heart of a gentleman like Mr Darcy is by wearing a whimsical festive jumper, like the one Bridget wears to her mother’s turkey-curry-buffet. Maybe try something Valentine’s themed, or a homemade piece knitted by your Grandma, to express the warm and loving side of your personality. If you’re looking to show your crush how fun and lovable you are, and you want a cuter alternative to the playboy bunny, imitate Bridget Jones’s Baby, by donning a pair of kids fairy wings, another inevitable way of attracting the Mark Darcy in your life.

My personal favourite of Bridget’s looks is when she wraps herself in a duvet and scoffs Ben & Jerry’s. Although this look is typically for singletons, those of us in a relationship can also take inspiration from Bridget by snuggling up in a blanket with our boyfriend/girlfriend to feed each other ice cream.

Even though Bridget’s mistakes only serve to increase her lovability, take note that no matter how frizzy and frustrating your hair is- ironing it won’t help!

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