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Phoebe Eyles spreads the love with all the best tips and tops for your date this Valentines...

Phoebe Eyles
11th February 2019

With Christmas and New Year well and truly behind us, the next celebration to look forward to, or perhaps dread, is Valentine’s Day. If you have a date on the 14th this is a perfect opportunity to get dressed up and experiment with romantic fashion trends. It is too easy to get stuck simply wearing ‘jeans and a nice top’ on a date when there are so many more options than this! No matter what date you are going on, below is a suggestion of outfit ideas for a variety of Valentine’s Day occasions.

A classic Valentine’s date idea is to go out for dinner, with restaurants in Newcastle such as The Botanist already fully booked for dinner for two on the 14th!

Dinner dates typically require a ‘smart casual outfit, which can be problematic as there is a risk of dressing too smart or too casual. A key look for a dinner date would be pairing a patterned mini skirt with a plain top and some heeled ankle boots. River Island have an extensive selection of mini skirts with leopard print, snake print and leather being very popular on the site. A plain top with a look like this would allow the skirt to take centre stage and make the outfit seem more relaxed. Equally, to make this look more formal it could be paired with statement earrings to balance out the top and the bottom halves of the outfit.  If this does not appeal to you no matter what you wear a faux fur coat is a simple way to make an outfit appear more glamourous and will keep you warm in the Newcastle climate!

Going out for drinks is another classic Valentine’s Day date, and with so many bars in Newcastle to choose from you are bound to have a good time. This occasion is easy enough to plan for as ‘jeans and a nice top’ is a classic look for going out for drinks. However, if you want to change it up, faux leather leggings or coated jeans paired with heels and a top of your choice would be a simple way to add some edge to your look. Boohoo have some great faux leather leggings that are subtle yet sexy. If tight trousers are not your thing, Topshop have a wide range of patterned loose trousers which would go well with simple bodysuits and heels. Pairing your flares that you usually wear to Soho with heels can also create a classy look, and you won’t have to buy anything new.

If you are going on a more casual date such as the cinema then wearing something comfortable yet stylish is essential. Straight legged jeans are a popular trend at the moment, and paired with heeled boots can give a put together yet comfortable look to your outfit. Wearing high waisted straight legged jeans with a cropped jumper allows you to wear two slightly loose-fitting items without being swallowed in fabric! ASOS have a great variety of jeans and if straight legged jeans are not for you, they also offer amazing skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans too.

No matter what your date plans for Valentine’s Day are, it is important to wear something which you feel confident and comfortable in. Going on a date is a chance to show someone your personal style, which many often say is an extension of themselves. No plans for Valentine’s Day? Lounging around in Christmas pyjamas and cosy socks with your best friends also sounds like an evening well spent!

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