Valve Index Reveal

Valve have unveiled a new VR headset, and good lord is it pricey. James Troughton discusses hopes and predictions for Valve's latest tech venture.

James Troughton
25th March 2019
Image Credit: Flickr (Read News)

At the end of April, Valve placed their new VR headset onto the steam store for pre-ordering. It is currently priced at £919 which includes the headset, controllers and the two base stations.

However, the headset can be bought individually for £459 with the controllers priced at £259 and the base station at £139, all of which are Vive/ Vive Pro compatible.

Many fans assumed that Valve would unveil the long-awaited ‘Half-Life VR’  to showcase this new hardware. Instead, however, they unveiled that their new pair of sunglasses will only come with a tech demo in which you can play rock paper scissors in a Portal themed environment.

To use the new headset, you’ll need at least 8GB of ram, a GTX 970 / RX480 or higher, a dual core CPU and 3 USB sockets. A performance benchmark app has been made available on Steam for those wishing to test their machines.

Many fans assumed that Valve would unveil the long-awaited ‘Half-Life VR’  to showcase this new hardware.

Whilst the headset seems aimed at enthusiasts with little to show off its new hardware, many are hoping that the flagship VR title coming in late 2019 will be worth the wait. Speculators claim it will be the leaked ‘HLVR’ whilst others believe that to be misplaced optimism by fans setting themselves up for disappointment.

Valve have again divided their audience. Some claim that not having software to go with the hardware at launch is a terrible move whilst others are excited by the development in VR technology. Unfortunately, though, the new headset is still restricted by wires which is something that many enthusiasts were hoping Valve would improve upon.

Is the Index worth buying with its current lack of software? It seems like gear for enthusiasts with deep wallets but, hopefully, the VR title coming in late 2019 will be Valve’s saving grace if not the final nail in the coffin.

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