Van life - just romanticized version of homelessness?

Is the growing trend of van-life just romanticised to consumers? Our writer gives her opinion.

Barbora Pacherova
21st November 2023
Image Credit: Pixabay

Prices keep climbing, and affording a home seems to be more of a dream than a future goal for many people, and where others rely on renting, others choose a different, quite unconventional solution.

Van life has become quite the new ‘trend’ that has swept the internet for the past few years and gained popularity not only with young couples or adventurous individuals but also for some families. After all, it seems like the perfect and affordable solution for how to avoid the stress of affording a home.

The #vanlife lifestyle became quite popular on social media, and multiple influencers share their daily lives with their followers, whether it’s YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. After all, it’s a sustainable and spontaneous life – you go wherever you want to go, live to travel and all that rent-free.

However, as attractive as the pros are, very few people seem to want to talk about what essentially living in a car really takes. It might be an attractive temporary solution, something to do with a friend, or a partner, or just alone, just like going camping for a few weeks or months. See all you want to see and go back to plumbing, running electricity and most importantly some breathing space.

To some people it might still seem like the dream – no wasting water, or having solar energy, that is if they ignore the amount of fuel it takes to keep warm or find a place to sleep. The others will change their minds right after having to empty out their toilet bucket, have the space of a bigger wardrobe to move around or try to fall asleep without any proper locks – or, well, doors.

So, if you were one of the people considering ‘screwing over capitalism’ this way, don’t rush your decision and instead imagine yourself emptying the pee bucket every other day or so. Safe travels!

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