Varsity 2024: Newcastle M1 water polo emerge victorious

Read up on part one of Newcastle Uni's water polo dominance

Editorial Team
3rd April 2024
Image: Chris Bishop
A frantic Friday saw the Varsity championships witness a thrilling encounter in Northumbria Central pool, where Newcastle’s Water Polo team emerged victorious, another win to add to the many of a successful 23/24 season.

Varsity, the hotly contested tournament of 52 events, pits all of Newcastle and Northumbria’s sports teams off in a one match showdown for the trophy. With 2 Varsity wins under their belt, Newcastle University had a lot at stake.

Image: Chris Bishop

However, this competition didn’t appear to faze the Water Polo team as they stormed both the men’s and women’s games respectively. Despite a couple of near misses, it was clear from the beginning of the game the teams superiority. Undoubtedly, the emphatic support coupled with passioned shouts of ‘shoot, shoot’ coming from the Newcastle side, who were at capacity, helped to secure the win. Such support for the winners emphasised the deep sense of cameraderie and encouragement for talent that embodies Newcastle University.

Mens' 1s water polo was eventually won by Newcastle University, with the final score reading 8-26 in favour of the visitors.

by Sophia Dolan

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