Video Game critic Totalbiscuit dies of Bowel Cancer

Video Game critic Totalbiscuit dies of bowel cancer aged 33

Gerry Hart
25th May 2018
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Popular YouTuber and Video Game critic John “Totalbiscuit” Bain has passed away from bowel cancer aged 33. His wife Genna Bain announced his death on Twitter.

Originally a native of Spennymoor, County Durham, Bain made a name for himself through World of Warcraft Radio, a popular fan run World of Warcraft radio station before moving over to YouTube. There, Bain established himself as one of the platform’s most prominent PC gaming critics and an ardent advocate for consumer rights in the gaming industry, most notably through his popular “WTF Is…” series wherein he would provide a first impressions critique of a game. In addition to this, Bain co-hosted the Co-Optional podcast alongside fellow YouTubers Jesse Cox and Brooke “Dodger” Thorne.

In a video published on 30th April 2014, Bain announced he had what was suspected to be a cancerous growth in his colon. Later this was revealed to be, as Bain put it, “full blown cancer”. Nevertheless, Bain continued to create videos and host podcasts as he underwent treatment, frequently updating his followers on his condition. In April 2015 Bain announced that his cancer had gone into remission but in October of that year it was announced that the cancer had metastasized and spread to his liver. Though treatment was initially successful, in mid-April this year his cancer had become resistant to chemotherapy. As such, John announced his retirement as a critic to spend more time with his family.

[pullquote]John carried himself with an integrity and dogged determination that one couldn’t help but admire[/pullquote]

John was an often divisive personality, and personally speaking there are a number of areas where I disagree with him (Gamergate for example). Despite this, Bain’s work had a huge impact on myself. In the snakepits that are YouTube and the Video Game industry, Bain carried himself with an integrity and dogged determination, even as his condition worsened, that one couldn’t help but admire. His critiques of games were insightful and always placed the consumer at their center, and the chemistry between Bain and his co-hosts Dodger and Jesse made his podcasts an absolute joy to listen to. Plus as a native of County Durham whose hometown is a mere ten minute drive from Spennymoor, it was nice to see one of our own doing well on YouTube. Its partly thanks to him that I started writing about video games in the first place.

We at the Courier Gaming would like to extend our condolences to Bain’s family and friends, and wish them all the best in this difficult time.

In Memory of John Peter Bain

08/07/1984 - 24/05/2018


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  1. I appreciate the sentiment and I agree that this is a tragic loss for the gaming community, I just thought you should know it's Genna Bain, not Gemma. I just feel I should mention in respect to the man who encouraged and helped develop games journalism to the point it is at now.

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