Walk this way: the best walks in the student areas of Newcastle

Mohi Choudhury explores nice walks around Newcastle this winter

Mohi Choudhury
30th November 2020

Just beyond Shieldfield Pharmacy, opposite the Nissan store, lies a footpath accompanied with a cycle lane to its right. This juxtaposition is striking during this time of year. On the left, you are exposed to the colour of fallen dead autumn leaves that have withered away.

Image: Mohi Choudhury

On the right, people operating mechanical devices to keep fit and healthy which prolongs their lives. But I have always found these leaves to be captivating. In a way, we provide nourishment for the fresh new leaves to make their way. This is a short three-minute walk that extends to Hotspur street—but do not underestimate its richness based on quantity.

This location precedes Heaton Park, which is a beautiful, popular, and expansive location for a mid-afternoon stroll. This prelude serves as an intimate and isolated contrast to the park which is full of awe and adventure.

A local coffee vendor has recently set up his stand near the midpoint which is incredibly convenient.

As a northerner, misty skies and cold winters are the norm—and that is okay: they are filled with character and fuelled by a further appreciation of warm coffee that dazzles the senses and insulates the body.

During this time of year, when we are inclined to stay indoors because it is comfortable, it is vital we get some exercise and experience a change of scenery. Our physical and mental health will thank us enormously. During my teenage years, the slower pace of walks and strolls were not congruent with my dynamic sense of physical activity. Football, running, and gyms were preferable.

While these things can still be engaging, they lack the romantic and pacifying elements of a good walk. Once you reach Heaton Park, you are enshrouded by a forest-like area reminiscent of something from a Zelda game. Walks through forest-like areas can reduce stress and anxiety which are inevitable.

So, we have the adventure element associated with exploring these areas, but also the double benefit of health gain.

Is there any reason why we should not go for a walk? Do not let the weather deter you. Wrap up. Wear your sexiest boots. Grab a coffee (tea is acceptable too) and you will be fine. If you do not enjoy hot beverages, fret not, you will still be fine providing you are not sporting a bikini.

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