Walking into winter

With winter hot on our heels, Isobel Patterson gives us the low-down (and the high-top) on the shoes that will see us through wind, sleet and snowfall

19th October 2015

When the seasons start to blur and the weather takes a turn for the worse, often a period of deliberation is needed to decide which pair of shoes will carry you through the day.

We have officially passed the autumnal equinox, thus begins a painful shift into the seasons of dark mornings, icy pavements and gusting winds. We must ultimately slip back into the confines of thick fabrics to shield ourselves from the harsh conditions on a brisk 9am walk to uni.

The transition between summer and winter can provide even veteran fashionistas with unfamiliar anxiety. This evolution into a winter wardrobe to adapt to the season’s worsening conditions can be problematic, especially in the shoe department. How to stay warm and comfortable without losing style in the process can be difficult. A solution to this is owning three pairs of essential shoes - a pair of boots, trainers and heels. Your winter footwear survival kit.

Boots to me are the definitive winter shoe, to keep me reliably dry, warm and comfortable through the final quarter of the year. Be it a burgundy pair of Doc Martins to a classic black ankle boot, as long as they cover your feet and keep you dry, they’re doing their job. This season the dominating looks are booties, pointed toes and chunky heels. They source elements from summer’s lover affair with the 70’s, but also provide warmer autumnal hues, such as rich tans and berry reds.

‘‘With evenings of arctic degrees nearing, a hard wearing high heel is definitely required. MOT tests should be taken with every pair you try on’’

Next, the trainer is, and will long be, the go-to shoe. It is undoubtedly the most popular cultural signifier in footwear of the 21st century, where picking a model becomes an overwhelming choice from the millions of styles available. They have become as populous as what jeans are amongst the throng of students, and we are able to illustrate our personalities to passing crowds simply through one downward glance. Saying that though, they are also a trustworthy, comfortable shoe that will take you from lecture A to seminar B safely and securely. And the effortless style is simply a bonus.

With evenings of arctic degrees nearing, a hard wearing high heel is definitely required. MOT tests should be taken with every pair you try on. If you can imagine yourself trying to hike your way through youthful crowds and drunkenly clambering out of taxis, whilst avoiding skidding on pavements and ending up breaking your leg, then you know they are the shoes for you.

As much as a burden cold days can be to wardrobes; they also connote the nostalgic ring of sleigh bells (thanks Mariah) and a chance to get cosy under the blankets whilst watching endless amounts of films. All of this brought by the added bonus of an excuse to buy these new and necessary pairs of shoes, with the further wonderful but slightly distant thought that spring is just around the corner.

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