We went to a press conference for The Batman!

The Batman has just been released on the big screen, but we're looking back at the press conference the film team were lucky enough to attend

Jess Bradbury
7th March 2022
Image credit: IMDB
We had the exciting opportunity last Friday to attend a zoom press conference for the new Batman film, starring Robert Pattinson.

The panel consisted of the leading man himself, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano and Jeffrey Wright and took place over a zoom call. We had the chance to submit questions beforehand, with a moderator asking some of her own questions before moving on to those sent in by ourselves and other media outlets. Unfortunately, the questions we sent in didn’t get answered, but it was still a fantastic opportunity to attend and hear about the process of making the film!

We had a great time attending, and hearing the cast talk about the film has only built our hype to go and see it on the big screen.

The panel themselves were all charming and relaxed, answering enthusiastically to the questions put forward - clearly proud of the film that they have created and excited for audiences to see it. Robert Pattinson accidentally revealed a minor spoiler for the film near the beginning of the conference, that the plot takes place over the space of a week. The panel laughed this off, however, and managed to avoid any further spoilers for the film, minor or large.

When asked about whether the film focused more on Bruce Wayne’s character or his alter ego, Pattinson noted how the film actually gives little attention to him as a person - rather, that it favours showing the extent Batman will go to in protecting Gotham. He then also shared that he funnily felt most like the superhero when chatting with British women, and how strange it felt to hear British actors do American accents when filming in Liverpool. But it wasn’t just Pattinson who told anecdotes from the time spent on set, the other cast members also spoke of their fun experience filming.

The Bat and the Cat... Pattinson and Kravtiz in action. Image credit: IMDB

One of the most interesting questions sent in was about injuries the cast had suffered during filming. Pattinson, Kravitz and Dano all answered saying they had the minor scratch here and there, whilst Jeffrey Wright revealed he had painfully tore a muscle whilst filming - something which came as a surprise to the rest of the panel. Wright was also asked if he thought Gordon was more of a hero than Batman, answering that he didn’t think he was. Zoe Kravitz also told the story of how she was reunited with her taekwondo instructor from when she was eight years old. The reunion came after she had to perform a stunt kick during filming, something which she said she was proud of as she had a nap beforehand and still performed it in one take. Paul Dano praised the scriptwriting of Matt Reeves, saying that he felt it was one of the most fleshed-out versions of Batman’s story. When asked about the inspiration for the Riddler’s costume, Dano noted how it was partly based on the zodiac killer to give the character a more sinister feel. 

Of course, there were lots more interesting questions and answers but this article would be about 3000 words going through them all. We had a great time attending, and hearing the cast talk about the film has only built our hype to go and see it on the big screen. The Batman will be in cinemas from March 4th.

Video credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
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AUTHOR: Jess Bradbury
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