Weekly episodes or binge watching – what is the best way to consume television?

Let's start a debate: weekly release or binge watching?

Rebecca Wright
14th September 2023
Image: IMDB
You can tell a lot about a person by the TV shows they watch. For example, a Gilmore Girls fan is likely to be quite different to the kind of person to watch Rick and Morty, but you never know. You can also tell a lot about a person by how they choose to watch their favourite shows.

Now, more organised and stable people probably find it quite normal to watch a show week by week. A little treat, a reward even, for getting through a tough seven days. I bet they don’t even need to put the subtitles on to know what’s going on. I envy them, I really do, because I am very much not that person. 

When I find a new show I like, I binge-watch it to death. I confess. I do not have the self-control to wait a whole week for a new episode. I will sit glued to the TV for five business days and work my way through 36 hours of television without blinking. Reality gets put on hold, until I inevitably finish the show prematurely and then don’t know what to do with myself. 

Image: IMDB

Fairly obviously, this isn’t the healthy way to watch any TV show, especially more cerebral programs like the new season of Black Mirror that can be quite heavy to watch back-to-back. The irony of Black Mirror regarding the abuse of technology isn’t wasted on me, I assure you.

Image: IMDB

So whilst weekly episodes are probably the healthiest, most functional way to watch a TV show, I’m not sure that it’s the most fun. The best things in life should not be consumed in moderation -  be it caramel stroopwafels or Adventure Time.

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