Welfare Support in Newcastle Uni

Want to know where to go if you need support whilst at Newcastle?

Katie Siddall
20th September 2023
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Here at Newcastle University Students Union (NUSU), the staff want to make sure you stay safe. There are a variety of ways to look after yourself, but NUSU also offer multiple ways on how to resolve issues that may arise even when you look out for yourself and others.

NUSU want to make sure that you are safe when going on nights out; therefore, they offer free ant-spiking kits, drug testing kits, STI tests, condoms and pregnancy tests.

You are welcome to come and pick up any of the above - anonymously - during the opening times of NUSU (9am-5pm). Whether you are scared of getting spiked or believe that you have already been spiked, we are there for you.

If after taking any of the supplies - which can be found on Level 0 of the NUSU building (next to the co-op) - you may want to talk to someone about your experience. There are many options you can take as NUSU want you to feel safe.

The Support and Advice Hub:

The Support and Advice Hub is made up of two departments within NUSU; the Student Advice Centre (SAC) and the Welfare and Support Centre (WSC). These two departments offer a range of help.

The SAC offers help regarding housing issues (including contract reviews), academic help (from appeals to complaints) and finance support (budgeting advice). Your wellbeing may feel affected by similar issues and the SAC can offer you practical advice to handle them.

Whereas the WSC offer wellbeing support. If you want a rant because you've fallen out with your housemate or you're grieving over a relative/friend passing away, WSC take walk-ins.

King's Gate Counselling:

Wish to talk to someone in a counselling setting? King's Gate (the glass building before the stairs onto campus) offer counselling sessions for students. If you are struggling with your mental health, this may be a pathway you want to take. To find out more information, you can click here.


Nightline is a confidential service ran by students, for students. If you are struggling at night throughout term time then someone will be on the other end of the phone to listen to you. Similarly to WSC, Nightline are there for varieties of problems and will try to help through listening - even for a simple rant.

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