We’ll Never Have Sex - Leith Ross

Castor Chan explores what makes the song 'We'll Never Have Sex' so special....

Castor Chan
15th April 2022
Credit: Facebook
Those who know me will know my affinity for acoustic music, those soft delicate tunes that wrap around your heart and gently but relentlessly tug at your emotions. That is ‘We’ll Never Have Sex’ in a nutshell.

Ross first posted a short demo on TikTok back in August, not even a minute and a half long. But their simple guitar and earnest lyrics caught the attention of nearly thirty thousand commenters, and the clip currently sits at 1.1 million likes. In March, Ross released the official music video to the studio-recorded version, an intimate, sepia-soaked snapshot of a duo at their middle school dance. Despite the song now leaving the one-on-one feeling from their TikTok video, Ross’ words continue to touch the listener alongside subtitles recounting one of their childhood memories at school. 

Getting into the lyrics themselves, ‘We’ll Never Have Sex’ details love in its purest form, affection without agenda. My favourite lines include “It was simple, it was sweetness, It was good to know” and “If I said you can never touch me, You'd come over and say I looked lovely”. While it is evident such words came from a place of hurt, there is a quiet confidence and lightness in this new lover that warms the soul. 

This song speaks to and soothes those who fear or hold no sexual attraction, a gentle balm delivered through an understated but steady melody. ‘We’ll Never Have Sex’ presents the juxtaposition between the sound of a secret conversation about feelings laid utterly bare, and encapsulates and validates my own feelings towards sex and relationships. Every listen sends a pang through my chest but also sweet reassurance, and Ross’ talent shines clear in the honest lines. 

If all of this struck your fancy, the Ontario-born singer has more music in the form of an EP, Motherwell, with music just as hypnotic as this single.


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