Preview: Westworld season 3

Arnojya Shree catches us up with the plot of Westworld after a new trailer was revealed

Arnojya Shree
5th March 2020
Credit: Youtube
On February 22nd, HBO released a preview for the third season of Westworld. The trailer focuses upon the glossy and pristine characters with high-tech robotic machinery and fast jeeps set in a futuristic world. The fight has just gotten real and this time, there is no digital safe haven for protection because the stakes are high and human.

With a long list to discuss the details of the preview, it is even more important to reminisce where Season 2 left off. After all, Westworld has one of the most complicated timelines, which span over 2 seasons before tying it all together.  Let’s start with the famous cowboy premise of the show, which was revealed to have been Delos’ plan to collect data from the guests all along, through the brain scanners placed in the cowboy hats. In fact, it's the guests instead of hosts who have been the pawns of Ford’s park, in an attempt to make human-hosts through the super-server called the Forge. But this new hybrid human-host system is far from sufficiency and needs time to develop. In the meanwhile, Dolores after reaching Forge successfully decides to erase the 30 year-long collected human data and host programs (except some) permanently. Now, the new Ford aka Bernard has been delegated the control of Westworld entirely and chooses to side with his kind after all by releasing Charlotte (aka Dolores) into the human world for the survival of their species.  

Season 3 picks up from this point forward, where the real Westworld program has only begun and as Dolores tells William “Welcome to the end of the game.” Dolores along with four other hosts including Bernard, as the preview suggests has finally stepped into the real world, a place in her own words their kind was “not allowed to see.” Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Need for Speed) has joined the cast as an ally to Dolores who is more alike to her than he realises. Vincent Cassel (La Haine, Black Swan) in a seemingly antagonist role summons Maeve back from the Robotic Realm of the Dead, and orders her to kill Dolores. But we see her looking fabulously elegant as she kicks Nazis in the neck alongside Hector. Charlotte meets a friendly “Riot Control” who eventually helps her in the time of need. Amidst the chaos, William somehow realizes his “purpose” and is now on his way to “save the world”. A sword-clad Maeve is shown walking up to Dolores as the preview comes to a close announcing that “the real Gods are coming, and they are very angry”.

The fight becomes about surviving against an entire species who are greedy for immortality, but without digital competition

From the looks of it, there is a lot to unpack with the preview as Season 3 becomes the hybrid human-robot arena Delos had envisioned for the guests to become. For the hosts, the fight becomes about surviving against an entire species who are greedy for immortality, but without digital competition. In his Antagonistic-God like appearance Cassel’s character also turns Maeve against one of her own, making it interesting to see where her “fidelity” lies. With Dolores in a futuristic world and Maeve amongst the Nazis, timelines are definitely being played with here, which is a ritualistic part of the show. 

Judging from the audience reaction, Westworld has managed to have a consistently engaging storyline, unlike Game of Thrones, its apparent rival. But for now, the less we know, the better.
Credit: HBO on Youtube
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