What I want to see in Paddington 3

The announcement of Paddington 3 means a new villain is needed for the marmalade loving bear... but who will it be?

Sophie Hicks
1st March 2021
After four long years, we've finally had the news that can bring a smile to anyone's face: Paddington 3 is officially in the works.

Sure 2017 had films such as The Shape of Water and Logan, but the best film of the year had to be Paddington 2, hands down. With its intricate plot and infectious optimism, it captured the hearts of many. But now I wonder... what could we see in its third instalment?

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Hugh Grant played his finest role in Paddington 2: pretty much Hugh Grant on an average day. His iconic character of Phoenix Buchanan made me wonder how the next Paddington film could ever top it. I've pondered and soul-searched for the answer. Obviously, the villain has to be a well-known British actor who is currently out of work. Well, everyone's currently out of work, so this widens the pool of choice. In an ideal world, I think the villain has to be a devilishly fierce female, so my two options of preference are Olivia Colman or Gillian Anderson, because I think she technically counts as a British actress. If Julie Andrews wants to step out of her trend of voice acting, I'll gladly take her on board. Whether she'll take my ideas for the film onboard, however, is probably a different story.

In terms of plot, it has to be painfully quaint and British, but not enough to throw off actual British people

In terms of plot, it has to be painfully quaint and British, but not enough to throw off actual British people. I'm surprised that Paddington never had the threat of poachers whilst he was in Peru, and as he lives in London where everyone wears fur coats with garish branding all over them, I think it's time for Paddington to find out about the fashion world. So, hear me out: Gillian Anderson is a fashion tailor whose business is failing and she needs her next season of clothes to be a hit. I'm not entirely sure how she would interlock with Paddington, I've considered killing off Aunt Lucy and Paddington has to find a nice outfit to wear. He could find clothes for a wedding or anything joyful, but I think killing Aunt Lucy might be okay because she got to visit London in the last film, so she had her send-off. Anyway, Paddington sees that Gillian Anderson's shop has a sale, goes in, and she goes on a quite literal bear-hunt so she can use his fur as her new standout piece in her collection. It's then the game of cat and mouse, or bear and Gillian Anderson, as she tries to find ways to kill Paddington, but fails every time.

Image Credit: IMDb

Second pitch: Aunt Lucy's alive and permanently moved to London after loving it so much when she came for her birthday. Paddington, as a good Londoner host, shows Aunt Lucy all the sightseeing attractions and tries to find the best teahouse in London. In comes Olivia Colman, a teahouse owner who struggles to afford her teahouse's rent in London, as everyone struggles in London. Paddington and Aunt Lucy adore her teahouse, and Paddington wants to work there to help support Olivia Colman and bring fresh ideas to entice new customers. He becomes a chef for a bit, like in Paddington 2, and Olivia Colman and her customers become obsessed with Paddington's patented marmalade sandwiches. She gets jealous of Paddington rising to attention over her and fires him when she places hair in food and blames it on Paddington. Olivia Colman then steals all of the recipes he's been helping with so she can claim them as her own. Paddington tries to prove that they're all of his marmalade creations as they compete, The Great British Bake Off style.

If you can't tell, I'm excited about Paddington 3. If anyone on the team wants to hire me to help brainstorm plot ideas, please let me know because I am a broke student.

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AUTHOR: Sophie Hicks
Former TV Sub-Editor for The Courier and BA Media Communication and Cultural Studies graduate

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