What I wore the night before

Flo Strachan shows us what she wore for her most recent night out and how we can look just as good

7th December 2015

Trying to choose an outfit for a night out is always a tricky one. How do you match the look to the mood of the club whilst also fitting in with what everyone else wears? Do you go for jeans, a skirt, a dress, trainers or even the dreaded heel?

Personally I always go casual. Embarrassingly, I also pretty much always wear the same thing. My standard go-to outfit is a black bottom half, a funky crop top and then a suits-all-outfits jacket that is easy to tie around your waist. This combo cleverly makes it seem as though I’ve tried really hard to create a different look every time, as every top is different.

For Club Trop this week, in Floritas I wore a black A-line button down skirt from a vintage shop in Exeter, Nike Air Max, a khaki bomber jacket from Topshop and a cactus crop top from Arc (an amazing shop in Leeds which sells online too). This look in my opinion is acceptable for going out. In the daytime I prefer baggy jumpers and dungarees, but this is also casual! I love wearing Air Max as they can fit with any outfit and the slight platform is more flattering than your standard Converse.

‘‘A casual bomber or fluro jacket are useful additions to an outfit and can be easily put round the waist when you want to crack out your best moves and boogie’’

Skirts such as the one I’m wearing are readily available in shops such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters; Urban stock a huge display of A-line beauties in many colours and varying in materials, from suede to cord. These jackets are also found everywhere, a casual bomber or fluro jacket are useful additions to an outfit and can be easily put round the waist when you want to crack out your best moves and boogie!

An issue that many face is which bag to wear for a night out. Do you risk no bag and losing all of your valuables for the sake of the ease of pockets? The perfect bag is difficult to find. I always go for the same standard leather satchel. This one is a Mulberry bag that I stole from my mum, it is the perfect size to fit money and a phone inside. A clutch is also a good option, however I know that I personally would end up leaving it somewhere during the course of the night. I would always wear a small cross body bag on a night out, and there are so many practical yet fashionable ones to find.

The perfect going out outfit for me is simply casual but cool. I always wear relaxed and plain clothes with one stand out item. The trick is to feel comfortable in what you wear. If you don’t like it and don’t feel good, then you’re going to end up feeling self-conscious. In a simple sentence wear what you like and always go for the casual vibe.


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