What makes a good airline?

What constitutes as a good airline and what constitutes as a bad airline? Rebecca tells us!

Rebecca Doneghan
26th November 2018
Image: John McArthur

Upon asking my mother what she thinks makes a good airline, she replied with an obvious answer that most of us would agree with; wine! She’s not wrong, but we should probably take into consideration other factors that can make a flight with a particular airline a memorable one.

First, before you’ve even booked your flight, there’s one major aspect that shouldn’t put you off – the cost. Of course, I’m sure none of us would turn down a super cheap seat in a sale, but all that we ask is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to go somewhere new and exciting. A great range of destinations is always exciting too. Numerous airlines are known for extra seasonal options they make available, from sunnier climates in summer to cosy ski havens in winter.

Following on from this, a decent hand luggage and baggage allowance is always appreciated. The recent changes introduced by Ryanair clearly haven’t gone down well with the general public, as passengers are now only allowed to take one single handbag sized piece of luggage onto the plane, lowered for the second time this year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the sound of either having to pay a considerable amount to take even a small suitcase with me, or having to wear all of my outfits at once on the plane!

Another highlight of a good airline has to be the food and snacks on offer. Whether you’re going short haul or long haul, we all get peckish and it’s always a bonus when the food is something to get excited about. EasyJet, for example, offer a varied menu of sweet and savoury snacks, from meal deals to muffins and pastries. British Airways is also known for offering a free drink and snacks on short haul flights. Airlines offering longer flights, such as Emirates and Cathay Pacific, provide a varied platter also, often including dishes of the country you’re headed to.

Furthermore, entertainment is definitely a highlight, especially when going long haul. It’s always best to carry a book or magazine to turn to if need be, but who wouldn’t want to take advantage of hundreds of films, old and new (often still in cinemas!), full box sets of countless series, and every genre of music? There’ll always be something to help you settle in and relax.

Finally, how could I not drop my favourite airline into the mix – Australian airline, Qantas. I took an internal flight from Perth to Alice Springs several years ago during a cross country trip. The airline staff were polite and accommodating throughout, and it was as stress-free and relaxing as it could have possibly been. The best part of this whole journey – the legroom! At 5 foot 10, never have I ever had so much room to stretch my legs and actually get myself comfortable when travelling, what a dream! Comfortable planes definitely make for a good airline, may you always have decent legroom on your travels!


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