What Makes Me Happy? Reflecting on World Happiness Day

One of our sports editors reflects on what makes her happy

Castor Chan
24th March 2022
Image from Unsplash @Stan B

In my opinion, happiness is hard to define. There’s such a range of emotions that I would associate with the word happy - contentment, excitement and even just sheer giddiness. So many things make me light up from big to small, but here are just a few of those that mean the most to me.

To start off, music has always been a huge part of my life. My mother worked with musicians, and my brother and I played instruments growing up. While I’m far from the most knowledgeable, there’s just something about how music makes me feel. It doesn’t matter if it’s listening to my favourite songs or finding new loves, I constantly have ones that I’m absolutely obsessed with at any one time.  And if I’m fiddling around with new covers, it’s always exciting when I finally pin down a riff I’ve been agonising over.

Then there’s entertainment. Is it cheating to put Broadway given that it has both music and entertainment? When I went to see Pretty Woman at the West End, I was beaming through the entire show. I’ve also got films and TV shows that are my feel-good choices - some examples being Brooklyn 99 and Legally Blonde. Lastly in this category, sports. The atmosphere of sports events is exhilarating, and honestly, it’s just as good as my top films and shows. And as a mix of sports and TV, Netflix’s Drive to Survive is one of my favourites, and I find it hilarious that it plays out more like a reality show than a documentary sometimes.

I couldn’t finish this article without my main source of happiness - people. Whether it's fond video calls with my family (and dog), tears of laughter from mucking around with my friends or weekly lunch dates with my boyfriend, there’s joy to be found in every moment. I’ve been fortunate to find people that I simply click with, and I’m lucky to have every single one of them. There’s just a certain sense of warmth that goes through me when I notice that my friends have specially made time for me or when I realise that my mum has sent me another parcel of candy. And to be sappy for a second, my boyfriend’s presence no matter if we’re chatting or just sitting together is enough to make my day brighter. 

I could live without music or entertainment, but the source of pure, indescribable happiness that I will never give up is definitely my people.

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