What to binge while getting over 'Fresher's Flu'

With Fresher's Week now firmly behind us, Jodie Duddy weighs in on what to binge while we all get over the dreaded 'Fresher's Flu'.

Jodie Duddy
9th October 2017
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When we were given the advice that going out every night of fresher’s week would lead to the inevitable rotting away in our bedrooms for the indefinite future; obviously, as sensible university students we have collectively ignored such advice and decided that we’re here for a good time not a long time. With our noses a running, we need something good to watch as we wile away the hours under our duvets, throats burning more than that first Tequila shot at Pandamonium. For this, these are our TV recommendations to aid your recovery...

Game of Thrones

With the 7th season having been and gone, it is 100% the safest time to watch Game of Thrones spoiler free, and it is the most satisfying show to binge-watch, unlike having to wait each week for a new episode (especially when tucked up in bed away from the onscreen wintry climates from the North of Westeros) . You’ll relish being too ill to make it out and you can finally decipher what everyone has been talking about for the last couple of years.

Rick and Morty

With its mere twenty minute episodes, a lighthearted favourite to cheer the bed bound is Rick and Morty, which has received a lot of attention recently, understandably so, for it nearing the end of its third season. It follows the abstract and often hilariously stupid adventures of 14 year old Morty and his mad scientist Grandfather, Rick, who is often drunk and behaves in ways that are unexpected for his generation. Rick and Morty trended on Twitter for the majority of its episodes, as it's immensely popular and even made headlines, especially for the episode ‘Pickle Rick’, in which Rick turns himself into a pickle.

Black Mirror

One perhaps to break the ice with new flatmates, and not be quite so under quarantine, guaranteed to provoke a conversation whilst leaving a lot to ponder, is Black Mirror. With its stand alone episodes that often are set in dystopian futures or an alternate present that are so compelling, it’s definitely a must watch for those also lacking the stimulation of uni whilst  ahem .. skiving. This one is all on Netflix so there is no excuse to skip it.

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