What to see and do at Newcastle's Xmas Market

Jade Aruzhan Sagynay describes the unmissable food, shopping and attractions of the new market

Jade Aruzhan Sagynay
22nd November 2019
It is that time of the year again, when winter decorations go up, children sing Christmas carols, families go shopping for presents, Fenwick reveals its window theme and the air is full of magic. But most importantly, the Christmas markets start popping up all over the country. And this year Newcastle is in for a surprise!

With the market having doubled, if not tripled, in size, it takes up all of the Grey’s Monument area, some of the Grey and Grainger Street, the length of the Northumberland street and Blackett street. If you are wondering what is it that the market has to offer this year, here is my personal Guide to Newcastle Christmas Market 2019:

Food Stalls:

Let’s start with the most exciting part of the visit, which is filling our bellies with some delicious goodness. If you are here for some appetising savoury dishes, you have options from all over the world, such as Greek Gyros, Yorkshire Pudding, Chinese Noodles, a couple of places for Loaded or Dirty Fries, and some Wraps.

There are also “The Old Windmill Grill” and “Grill Tower”. Some things to look out for are different types of cheese from a variety of countries. If you are thinking of spoiling yourself with some tempting dessert, you will find French confectionaries, Churros which originated in Spain and Portugal, at least three stalls with crepes, a Brownie Bar, doughnuts and bubble waffles.

Enjoy a warming mug of mulled wine at the markets.
Image: Pixabay: @Bru-nO

There are also stalls with fudge and plenty of chocolate to go round, as well as a great deal of desserts and sweets to taste. Lastly, if you want to indulge yourself in some alcohol, your choices are moonshine, apple cider, prosecco, toffee vodka and such Christmas favourites as mead and mulled wine. If you are looking for somewhere to sit down and enjoy your drink, check out the “Apres Ski bar” and “Helter Skelter Bar”, the later comes equipped with a slide.


Now, if you are here to spend some cash and find the perfect Christmas presents, don’t hesitate to look around. You should be able to find something for everyone. The options range from handmade jewellery to perfume to bath bombs and soaps. You can find a stall filled with plush toys, but also one devoted to Tunisian products. Warm knitted clothes are a must, of course, as well as a stall selling scarves and shawls. A few places with wooden carved figurines and products. And to wrap up the list there are Christmas decorations with an opportunity to personalise them with names and well wishes.


If you are here with kids, do not forget to check out the attractions. There are at least four types of carousels, including a merry-go-round, to try out. As well as a “Helter Skelter Bar” slide as mentioned above. For an older audience, there is a Toboggan Run slide to go down from. Probably nothing similar to the real experience of a toboggan, but well worth the shot.

With so many options for refreshments, nibbles and edibles in general, Newcastle Christmas Market seems like an ideal romantic winter date location; and with a few attractions dotted around, it could make for a great family outing. The only aspect truly missing so far is the snow. But with the temperatures falling below zero degrees practically every night, is it really too long of a wait for snow to come? Maybe this year we can genuinely hope for a white Christmas!

Featured Image: Pixabay @ShenXin

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