What to wear: summer edition

Ibraham Jobe creates the ultimate summer look and the key pieces you should own.

Ibraham Jobe
10th June 2020
Image Source: @topman on Instagram
This summer you will be placed on a journey accompanied by the ideal wardrobe guide to help you define yourself as you master the art of innovating your look to suit the season.

With this in mind, a great starting point is mixing a patterned shirt with a basic tank, giving you a nostalgic authentic look from the 80s- as seen on the Netflix TV series Stranger Things. 80s style has come back to the future, as fashion always reinvents itself, through the adaptation of shows such as 90s Fresh Prince to current times Stranger Things.

This summer you should be taking full advantage and be trying to stand out from your friends at home and look the part on the streets of London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Milan, and Abuja.

By mixing some classic Converse with your patterned shirt and a basic tank top you can create the retro edgy fit straight from your favourite TV/movie favourites from the 90s. However, fashion is about catching up with the times- similar to technology- so, therefore, updating your style is key. Hence I recommend adding a crossbody bag and a bucket hat to bring you back to this era.

Stylish is never about being static or afraid to try new fits out of the ordinary. You should believe in the art of experimenting with outfits that cross over to different wear. Trying out different styles, new paths and passions is something like an adventure; if you do not go you will never cease to cherish the moment nor experience the vibe with friends- not to mention the candid snaps, all over social media. Remember to capture every moment before your battery runs out!

During this warm weather, a bucket hat is just as vital as an umbrella is in the rain and as the Rapper, Skepta said featured on the song Praise The Lord “when it rains it pours” signifying the same effect a bucket hat has on your outfit. Not only does it add to the edginess of your style, but most importantly, protects you from the sun. 

The truth is once you finalise your look you will not just need protection from the sun but also from the public. Based on the stylish, dazzling and free-spirited aura you present walking down the streets every eye will be on you because of your outlandish and authentic creation as you refuse to be categorized because your style is more than a label.

Besides, I believe to look at fashion authenticity as an identity of your journey and therefore, you will be needing your own personal sunglasses to see the vision of your own creation while you walk the path to the beach. The summer breeze compliments the simplicity of the outfit created for this perfect weather while wearing your bleach denim shorts.

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