What to wear this spooky season

Laura Bowes gives us a complete list of anticipated Halloween looks inspired by your favourite films of the year

Laura Bowes
21st October 2019
Image- Pexels

The spooky month is upon us with toffee apples and treats for all! Each year the streets are invaded by evil costume creations and every year the masterpieces showcase something different.

The year 2019 has brought us some incredible movies (and there’s more coming), some of which are fabulous ideas and inspiration for the scary season.

Whether you personally share the opinion of the ‘Mean Girls’ ladies, treating Halloween as ‘one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total ’S***t’ and no other girls can say anything else about it’- or your more inclined to win the scariest costume this October, I've compiled a list of the most hotly anticipated looks you can expect to be gracing your socials this season- and maybe some you could try out yourself.


Image Source: @dressyourface

The second ‘Maleficent’ movie ‘The Mistress of Evil’ is in cinemas now and Jolie’s costume never fails to disappoint on both the beautiful and scary factor. This black elegant costume is perfect for a Halloween costume when you want to look great while still sticking to a classic spooky theme.


Image Source: @artbybmazz

If there was a list of classic Halloween costumes, IT would definitely be near the top. Chapter 2 of the horror spectacular has been realised this year, therefore I think this icon of terror will be roaming our streets on the 31st once again.

The Joker 

Image Source: @pritylipstix

The revived image of the Joker will most certainly mean a revival of him on the Halloween dance floor.


The Joker has always been a prominent figure on Halloween, but 2019 has seen a different perspective on the terrifying clown. The revived image of the Joker will most certainly mean a revival of him on the Halloween dance floor.


Image Source: @keke

These ones are for all of those who share Regina George, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith’s perspective of the annual event.  The hit movie which stars Jennifer Lawrence, Cardi B, Lilli Reinhart and Lizzo is certainly going to inspire many ladies (and gentlemen) to strip down and throw a fur coat over the top! It’s a perfect excuse to look sexy, raunchy and promiscuous on Halloween and as we’ve heard before ‘no there girls can say anything else about it’. But it is Newcastle, not NY so maybe take a scarf!



Downton Abbey 

Image Source: @downtonabbey_official on Instagram

Downton Abbey had to be in this list somewhere! The movie is out and is bound to be a classic, especially around Christmas. But I have a feeling the hype surrounding the tv show turned film will showcase itself on many spooky red carpets. A 1920’s party would go down ‘spiffingly’ and I may grab myself a flapper dress as well!

So whether you choose to go old school, or try out a new twist this year, scary or splendid, make sure you don’t hold back!

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