What your editor unwrapped this Christmas...

Beauty Editor Ellie James tells us about the newest additions to her makeup collection from the last Christmas of the decade.

Ellie James
8th February 2020
Christmas for any beauty lover is a time to request that one special product you’ve been desperately in need of adding to your collection for the past 365 days.

Before the festive blues set in, getting a shiny new makeup item or something to pamper yourself with for the oncoming year is vital to refresh and get you started on that ‘new year, new you,’ or even adding to the perfect you already are! So, here are some of my favourite beauty gifts and surprises I unwrapped this year…

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Diamonds

As a previous MAC lover, I was your typical gal when it came to lipstick. As soon as I set my sights on that shade of matte ‘Velvet Teddy’, I was as sold as the rest of the nation - that lipstick has hypnotic powers I swear. But earlier this year I decided to branch out and try a new brand, refresh myself and be a little daring. And who other to be daring with than Charlotte Tilbury? My first buy was ‘Bitch Perfect’ lipstick, with an everyday subtle pink look perfect for those days you want to keep it gentle. And after falling in love, I just HAD to get another. So for Christmas I asked for ‘Pillow Talk Diamonds.’ If I thought I was in love before then I had no idea what was about to hit me. When I unwrapped the dainty little lipstick tube I was more than thrilled. This beautiful lipstick glosses your lips in a blanket of sparkle and glitter, catching the light and glinting gold with a hint of rose. It really is a tube of diamonds. It was love at first sight for sure. I wont be letting this one go anytime soon.


WunderBrow Gel

It’s a wonderful feeling getting a gift you wanted so badly. But there’s something extra exciting about getting a surprise beauty gift you didn’t even know existed, and then finding out its amazing. That gift for me this year was my Wunderbrow Gel (shout out to my sister for this one). As I have naturally full brows, I’m someone who doesn’t usually use eyebrow products. I’ve always been doubtful of filling them in and when I have its been an utter disaster, meaning at first I thought my sister had wasted her hard earned money on a product that would be lost at the bottom of my makeup bag. However, when I applied this brow gel, brushing through with the little brush, I knew she’d purchased the best gift for me this year. The gel is not too bold and can be applied without overfilling the brow, still leaving a natural look but with that something extra defining the shape and colour. And the brush is my favourite part. It gently fluffed up my eyebrows so that they reclaimed their priority in defining my face. If anyone is like me with already bushy brows then this one is a must for your list next year. I mean, you could say I was left in complete ‘Wunder’…


Even though the festive period is over and I’m back to the reality of assignments and 9am lectures, these little beauty treats have made it just that little bit easier. Knowing 2020 is the year for some improved – and much needed - self love I’ll be on the lookout for some self-care products next, the perfect additions on top of my new favourite beauty gifts…

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