What your meal deal says about you

Think you have the perfect meal deal? You might want to think again...

Rosie Brennan
7th March 2024
Image source: Pixabay, @Alexas_Fotos
A quintessential part of British culture has to be the meal deal (let's pretend they're still £3 because anything more than that is utter daylight robbery, thanks a lot cozzie livs). The immaculate combo of a main, side and drink for just £3 (I'm still in denial) cannot be overstated, but your choice of meal deal tells the world a lot about who you are as a person.

Option one- the perfect deal.

  • Main- a BLT
  • Drink- Some form of overpriced coffee/smoothie
  • Snack- Thai sweet chilli sensations

If this is your choice, you are simply an absolute legend, highly experienced in the meal deal game. You know how to create the perfect combo and get your money's worth. You know for a fact that people will see you eating those sensations and think 'they've got their life together', and you do. Keep up the good work.

Option two- the utter sociopath

  • Main- Tuna & Cucumber sandwich
  • Drink- Coconut water
  • Snack- eggs. just eggs.

I feel no need to elaborate. A person eating eggs as a snack in broad daylight should be sent to Alcatraz.

Option three- the superiority complex

  • Main- some form of sushi
  • Drink- Plain water
  • Snack- protein bar

We get it, you go to the gym. Ordering a bottle of water in a meal deal doesn't make you a health king/queen, it makes you a complete idiot. If you're not buying the most expensive drink, you're a fool. Sorry.

You could argue that there's no such thing as a perfect meal deal (you'd be wrong, but you COULD argue that). The meal deal is in the eye of the beholder, but I will still intensely judge you for buying a bottle of water.

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