Whatever the leather: 3 ways to wear leather

Phoebe Eyles tells us how to get our leather on, rain or shine

Phoebe Eyles
29th October 2018
Instagram: @jewishjen

Love it or hate it, leather is a classic material used for a range of garments in the fashion industry. From Sandy in Grease to the rock band Kiss, leather has been used in a variety of ways in the fashion world. As leather is often seen as an edgy or bold material, many will steer clear of it due to worrying about looking over the top or not being able to pull it off. However, leather can be one of the most wearable materials that will give your outfits a put together edge without looking like you are permanently dressed up for Halloween. Here are three easy ways to incorporate (faux) leather into your wardrobe.

1) Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are a vital item for anyone’s wardrobe. Leather jackets can easily dress up outfits such as a plain white t-shirt and skinny jeans or can be the perfect cover up for your evening look. There are so many ways to wear a leather jacket, meaning you can get a lot of wear out of the piece. Leather jackets can be expensive, yet there is a great range on the high street meaning there is no need to break the bank when buying one. Black leather jackets are the most popular, yet if black seems too edgy, brown leather jackets are softer alternative and are just as versatile.

2) Leather Skirts

Bored of wearing jeans on nights out? Look no further than a leather skirt, as it could become your new night out staple. If the thought of incorporating leather into your everyday look seems too intimidating, wearing leather on a night out could ease you into this trend. If you can brave wearing bare legs, a leather skirt can easily be paired with a plain bodysuit or bandeau. With a variety of faux leather skirts available on the high street and from online retailers, there will be a style to suit you.

3) Leather Coated Jeans

An interesting way to bring leather into your wardrobe is through coated jeans. A relatively new trend, these black jeans are coated in a leather-like pigment which create a subtle, matte leather look. The coating is not shiny like vinyl trousers that are associated with cat woman costumes, making them wearable for a variety of occasions. Coated jeans still feel like jeans, meaning they are comfortable to wear on a daily basis.  They could be paired with a slouchy cream knitted jumper and trainers for a casual daily look, or with a coloured bralette for a simple night out style with a twist.


From a day on campus to a night out in Flares, leather is a trend that can easily be incorporated to suit a variety of occasions. Even a simple leather bag, belt or ankle boot can really add an extra dimension to your outfit.  Whilst the material can seem out of many people’s comfort zone, it is possible to make leather wearable, even after Halloween is over.

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  1. The best way is to buy the jacket then turn its open part to your back then put your right hand on the right side and left hand on the left and do the shrug in the end. Voila, you have worn it successfully.

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