What's In a Name- 'Runaway'

This week's "What's In a Name" sees Music Editor Dominic Lee look at tracks entitled 'Runaway'

Dominic Lee
25th February 2019
Image- Flickr- Chris Parker https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisparker2012/

Linkin Park

This track from Linkin Park’s debut and consensus best album Hybrid Theory showcases the late Chester Bennington’s vocals at their very best. Chester could have both the voce of an angel and a demon in a single song and ‘Runaway’ is no exception, featuring his trademark screams alongside a pitch perfect chorus. Mike Shinoda as usual integrates his rapping perfectly, few bands could match Linkin Park’s nu-metal blend of metal and hip-hop. ‘Runaway’ is a great example of this, with a heavy guitar track mixing perfectly with Joe Hahn’s beat.

Kanye West

This 9-minute lead single from Kanye’s masterpiece My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of Ye’s most self-reflective songs. Beginning with a beautifully simple piano intro West comments on his own behaviour, using lyrics made up of negative magazine comments after a year where he had interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech at the 2009 VMA’s. ‘Runaway’ is arguably one of Kanye’s most impressive songs and is impeccably produced, particularly in its synth-led breakdown where West’s use of autotune shines through and harkens back to the divisive yet visionary 808’s and Heartbreak.

Ed Sheeran

A danceable and catchy track from Sheeran’s sophomore effort Multiply (or “X” if like myself the mathematically inspired titles confuse you), ‘Runaway’ flows beautifully as Ed’s lines cascade effortlessly into each other. The song has an addictive beat and is a classic tale of running away from home, told poetically through Sheeran’s vocals. Ed’s rapping ability also shines on this track and is just as impressive as his singing, which makes for one of the highlights of an impressive album.

J. Cole

A classic J. Cole track from Born Sinner, ‘Runaway’ is business as usual featuring J. Cole’s legendary flow. The track is an insight into Cole’s softer side, starting out with what feels like a message to a girl, before he breaks it down into a tragic tale of love lost. Finally, Cole finishes with a story about his struggles in life with racism and how he desperately wants to run away from it all. ‘Runaway’ is one of the highlights on Born Sinner and concludes with a string section which rounds the track off nicely.

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