What's new for the future of You?

Grace Dean predicts what is in store for season 2 of You.

Grace Dean
21st February 2019
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While many fans have been left delighted by Netflix’s announcement of the renewal of their original series You, this news should ultimately come as no surprise. After all, the conclusion of series one shocked viewers with the appearance of protagonist Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace, a character presumed by many viewers – and Beck herself – to have been killed long ago. The surprise that Candace evidently didn’t suffer the same gruesome fate as Beck therefore virtually necessitates a second series.

But what will happen in this new series? You has up ‘til now has left many questions unanswered. The conclusion of series one shows the posthumous launch of Beck’s semi-autobiographical novel which confirms the viewer’s suspicion that Joe’s sadism would ultimately lead him to kill Beck, but her final moments are never explicitly documented in the show. Was she violently dragged down the stairs, as it appears, or did Joe continue punishing her with an inhumane existence in the glass “cage” in the basement of the bookshop? Or will You exclusively focus on the events following Beck’s death and Candace’s surprise reappearance? This would necessitate more flashbacks to discover exactly who Candace is and if Joe attempted, unsuccessfully, to murder her– after all, he managed to kill many other people without problems. And how many people exactly did he kill? Following Mr Mooney’s rather unorthodox advice that “some people deserve to die” after Joe announced that he killed Elijah in a fit of rage, he is then shown to kill Benji, Peach, Ron and Beck. Will flashbacks reveal more about the illusive Mr Mooney who gave him this advice, and his turbulent relationship with Joe?

You has up ‘til now has left many questions unanswered


Add to this the ceaselessly dramatic conflicts circulating around Paco and Claudia, alongside the ominous presence of the private investigator hired by Peach’s family, and series two is set to be equally as explosive with shocking plot twists alongside hopefully the return of series one’s most beloved supporting character Ethan (Zach Cherry). Having neither read the book by Caroline Kepnes nor looked on Twitter for plot theories, I’m not sure what to expect in the second season of You. Judging by the phenomenal success of series one, expectations will certainly be high and the producers and writers have a lot to live up to. Most pressing, however, is for me the question as to what developments we will see with Joe’s jar of wee…

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AUTHOR: Grace Dean
Editor-in-Chief of the Courier 2019/20, News Editor 2018/19, writer since 2016 and German & Business graduate. I've written for all of our sections, but particularly enjoy writing breaking news and data-based investigative pieces. Best known in the office for making tea and blasting out James Blunt. Twitter: @graceldean

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