When Technology Meets Fashion

Liz explores a new fashion phenomenon- TikTok creator Cameron Hughes

Elizabeth Meade
17th March 2022
Image: Instagram @cameronhughes

Cameron Hughes initially seems like your average TikTok creator who shares creative stuff that he makes on his sewing machine as a hobby. That is, until you realize that the purple dress he designed is breathing.

Describing himself as a designer, engineer and artist, Hughes blends technology and fashion to create pieces that aren’t quite like anything else. He utilizes servos, 3D printing and other electronics to create kinetic art pieces that happen to be wearable.

With the goal of making pieces for events like the Met Gala, Hughes has already created a spinning flower bra for Doja Cat and is looking to work with Lady Gaga. The pieces which first got him attention on TikTok were a dress that prints receipts and another dress that changes colour by twirling individual parts of the skirt.

Beyond dresses, he’s made smaller things like headpieces that shoot out water and unfurl feathers like a colourful bird. Staying on the feather theme, he has also made bright red devil wings that unfurl to a full wingspan. Another smaller project is a hat that pulls a curtain away to reveal his face.

Image: Instagram @cameronhughes

One of Hughes’ most significant projects is ‘Breathe of Feathers’, a bright purple feathered dress that seems to breathe. When the wearer moves, all the feathers move up and down. Hughes shows the process of making it in a series of TikToks and even got fellow TikTok star @ageofaquaria to demonstrate how it works.

In an interview for Vogue, Hughes revealed that he does, in fact, have an engineering background. However, he’s decided to take his hobby forward, get studio space and hopefully create a full fashion collection of his technological outfits.

Cameron Hughes’ content can be seen on his TikTok page (@cameronhughes) and his YouTube channel (Cameron Hughes). (Note: He is not to be confused with the fishing champion, sports commentator or wine trader of the same name who also have a lot of YouTube content.)

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AUTHOR: Elizabeth Meade
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