When We First Met (12) Review

Callum Costello reviews this Netflix Original rom-com

Callum Costello
19th February 2018
Image: YouTube

When We First Met is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. I just finished watching it and I’ve already forgotten most of what happened. Every character was hollow, it was emotionally, thematically and morally bankrupt. The film was poorly made, the script was dreadful and it deeply upsets me that more people will watch it than the litany of other far superior films available to stream on Netflix, including Groundhog Day, which is also on the platform and for which When We First Met is a complete rip off of the lowest possible quality.

The film concerns Noah (Adam DeVine) who is in love with best friend Avery (Alexandra Daddario) who is set to marry Ethan (Robbie Amell). When Noah learns that a vintage photo booth can send him three years back to the night he met Avery, he sets about trying to win her heart and rescue his future history.

The film is a platform to launch Adam DeVine as a credible romantic lead and fails because his character is loathsome and he has one mode; turned up to eleven. He would struggle to pass as a credible romantic lead in a good film - let alone this rubbish, which steals horribly from the aforementioned Groundhog, La La Land, Back to the Future, every Judd Apatow and every John Hughes film.

The characters are painfully hipster in an unaware irritating kind of way. Nothing has depth of any kind in the entire film. There’s a gratuitous amount of cut aways to generic city establishing shots because it’s too long and boring to look at. Jokes fall flat, the time travel stuff is overused and the two love interests are forgettable. People probably got paid to work on this film; extras, crew etc. and that’s the only good thing about it.

Rating: 1/5

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