Where to Read, Come Rain or Shine, In Newcastle Upon Tyne

Leyla Ferrand shares her favourite places to read in Newcastle.

Leyla Ferrand
14th October 2021
Credit to: Wikimedia Commons, Geograph

The Shine

If the weather is nice, and you're brave enough to face aggressive, hungry birds, it's worth considering reading in beautiful outdoor spots:

Credit to: NewcastleGateshead

Exhibition Park: A 7-minute walk from the Newcastle University Student Union, Exhibition park is furnished not only with open green spaces, perfect for the picnic vibe when reading, but also an artificial lake with swans adding to the aesthetic.

Heaton Park: Though a little further from the university, Heaton Park offers fairy-like walks through magical woodland, a sunny pavilion and green space to settle down with a good book and maybe an ice cream or drink from a local vendor. 

The Rain

A change of scenery when getting into a new book can offer both a way to get out of a reading slump and discover new places in Newcastle. However, the North, filled with rainy and windy days, is not always forgiving to readers, so reading books indoors is often the only reasonable choice:

Credit to: Geograph

Mog on the Tyne: Cats and a warm drink make excellent company when reading. Only a 15-minute walk from the university and one click to book in advance, Mog on the Tyne is a lovely, cat-friendly place to read.   

Flat Caps Coffee: Located near the city centre but also a short walk away from a wide range of other cafes to pick your vibe, Flat Caps Coffee has the industrial look and offers easy access to a wide range of warm beverages and snacks while you read. 

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