Which Eyeshadow Suits Your Eye Colour?

Ever wondered what eyeshadow shade best suits you? Clarissa O’Neill gives us a detailed run down of the best looks and perfect shades to choose depending on the colour of your eyes.

Clarissa O'Neill
1st May 2018
Image Credit: @linnkristinaa (Instagram)

When it comes down to choosing eyeshadow, it is always so important to get the colour right. This will help to brighten up your eyes or to create that bold and powerful look that can make those eyes ‘pop’. It is important to know the exact colour of your eyes, so you can understand the eyeshadow colours which you should be using to complement your eyes and face.

Brown eyes: For people who have brown eyes, there are many options depending on what type of brown shade you have, which is helpful as 55% of the world’s population have brown eyes. For the warm brown eyes, violet and darker greens seem to work. If you wanted a subtler look a light peach and golden brown would work perfectly for everyday wear. However, for a cooler brown shade of eye colour, teal blue and silvers seem to brighten the eyes and make the colour of your eyes stand out, they can even pull off a heavy charcoal for an evening look. Whereas, if you have more of a copper brown eye colour, plum shades will bring out the gold tones and most brown coloured eyeshadows would work. If your eyes are an extremely dark brown shade (sometimes referred to as ‘black eyes’) then they’re bound to suit whole range of eyeshadow shades. If you are more tanned the pinks and purples will be an effective look, whereas if you have pale skin blues and greens will look great. For an evening look, they can pull off the bold all-black look or dark brown shadows to create the allusion of bigger and bolder eyes.


Blue eyes: With many people who have blue eyes, their main aim is always to make sure that the blue is standing out and noticeable. If you have light blue eyes and want to accentuate the colour, shades of gold and light warm brown would be the most complimentary. If you are wanting a more impactful look, you could branch out to silver and light blue eyeshadows. If your eyes are more of a green-blue, purple, and lilac would be your best bet, as these colours both highlight the green and the blue within the eye. Whereas, if your eyes are darker blue verging on navy, deep bronze and orange shades would be the perfect match for your eyes, and lucky for you both light and dark blue shades would also suit you! Light pinks would suit all blue eye colours for a day to day look to keep those eyes glowing.

Image Credit: @linnkristinaa (Instagram)

Green eyes: People with green eyes should use warmer shades including burgundy and orange which intensify the green. You could also consider using pink, purple, or a combination of the two to enhance the eye colour even further. Using warm base tones such as creams and peach can work effectively as well, as these add warmth and depth to the eye. You could even look for an eye primer which has a warm base to hep accentuate this look even further.

Image Credit: @kyliecosmetics (Instagram)

Hazel eyes: Golds and dark green shades are a go-to for hazel eyes as they really intensify the beautiful hazel eye colour. Those with hazel eyes can pull off wearing purple and blues as well, if a bolder, more night-time friendly look is desired, as a bold application can work perfectly for an evening look where you want to make a statement. If you’re not getting ready for a night out, light and dark browns can create a fabulous natural look for the day, as they mimic the hazel shade itself.


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