Whiskey business

Have you ever had a one night stand that went wrong?

16th February 2023
Image Credits: Unsplash

It’s always a bad start when your house mates don’t approve, maybe that’s down to my poor taste in men. Maybe he looked like that annoying boy from Polar Express, but nevertheless I went on the date.  The date went well so I did the natural thing and invited him back. 

We quickly got down to the nitty gritty, clothes flung to the side. He proceeded to go down on me but when it came to the deed, ‘whisky willy’ prevailed, three drinks proved enough to tame his puppet. We were three condoms deep and none of it was in me. He did the right thing and made it up to me in other ways, I enjoyed it and was enjoying it, until I heard the words, ‘good girl’…

That was enough to kill the mood, I quickly faked it and we opted for a good old fashioned spoon. However, that was ruined too when he decided to complement my arsehole, in an unnervingly enthusiastic tone.  He then asked if I was willing to try anal, but I thought that was a long shot if he couldn’t keep it up to begin with.

Unfortunately for me this story had both a bad start and a disappointing end.

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