Why I Love Dance

Two writers from Newcastle University's Dance Club and Bollywood Society share why they love dancing.

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1st March 2022
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Newcastle University offers a range of different dance societies and clubs which cater towards students at a range of different levels; whether you're a beginner or have been dancing since you could walk. Here are the experiences of two students at Newcastle University: Anandna and Isabelle. Anandna is the Secretary of the Bollywood Dance Society, and Isabelle is the Competition Coordinator for Newcastle's Dance club, and is teaching Intermediate Jazz this year.

Anandna Bhatia

I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember. Attending Bollywood dance classes on Fridays was the highlight of my week, as not only did I get the chance to catch up and gossip with my friends, but I also got to learn more of an energetic and exciting choreography piece. As I got older, I was so excited to experience being part of a university team, making new friends and having wonderful memories.

Image from Instagram @nu_bollywooddancesoc

I was amazed to see the varied dance opportunities at Newcastle University and have taken as many as I can, trying out street dance, salsa, pole dance, musical theatre, gaana, and of course continuing with Bollywood. Although out of my comfort zone, I’ve enjoyed learning each new style and found that dancing always helps me to destress, boosts my confidence and improves both my mental and physical health

Isabelle Morris

I started dancing at the age of three and have always loved it for so many reasons! I think growing up, it gave me something to channel my energy into outside of school, and gave me something to work on during my free time. I also love the discipline of it – certain styles such as ballet require high levels of technique which take years and years of practice and I have really enjoyed seeing my progression over the years. I have also made so many amazing friends through dancing. From being in local dance schools, part of productions, competitions or at dance club at uni, it’s so nice being surrounded by a group of people with a similar interest and enjoying learning and performing together!!

Image from Instagram @ncldanceclub

If you want to get involved in either of these societies, please check the NUSU website societies page. The Dance Club have a show called 'Blame it on the Boogie' coming up on the 16th and 17th March, and the Bollywood Dance Society have a guest performance at the NU Pole and Aerial Society Summer Showcase on 12th March as well as a performance for NU's Hindu and Sikh society Holi event. Both these societies are also taking part in RAG's 'Newcastle Come Dancing' event on the 2nd March.

Instagrams: @nu_bollywooddancesoc @ncldanceclub

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