Why is streaming becoming so expensive?

Sarah Lahiri argues why the Netflix price hike isn't such a bad thing

Sarah Lahiri
15th March 2021
Credit: Netflix
With Netflix announcing an increase in its pricing to £13.99 a month, the annual cost for the streaming platform will soon exceed the price of a yearly TV licence.  

Although this only affects the Premium and Standard plan, with the cost for a Basic plan remaining the same, the price hike comes as Netflix announces more investment in higher quality and an ambitious new wave of content for every week of 2021.

While heavier on the pocket, the new price still ensures that you get what you paid for

Although it is heavier on the pocket and easier to complain about, the new price still ensures that you get what you pay for. Netflix’s selection of shows and films, across a wide range of genres and languages, is unlike anything found on normal TV and can cater to absolutely any mood you’re in. The user-friendly interface and highest possible resolution guarantee an enjoyable binge-watching experience that you can undergo as the thrill of putting off any form of productivity builds up.

Big names like Henry Cavill make up the Netflix Library. Credit: IMDb

Netflix stands out as a streaming platform because of the popularity and demand for its top-notch originals. Although other services like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ also dominate online-based streaming services, Netflix’s original content more frequently involves famous producers, directors, and actors and is the primary factor that keeps users committed. Subscription costs and everything.

Most streaming services have been raising their subscription prices, especially as a result of the pandemic. This isn’t ideal, especially on a student budget, but I personally would crumble without it. I would still invest in the online service over a TV licence regardless of the prices levelling. The on-demand nature is more suitable to my schedule where I barely know if I’m coming or going and can watch older things at my own pace. I can also access it on any device, and won’t be confined to one main TV set.  The individualised recommendations and suggestions allow for a more optimal customer experience as well. Above all, I can skip the adverts in between and that alone is enough for me to readjust my budget to include the new price plan.

When prices rise, streaming services start to lose their shine

With this being said, when the costs for such platforms increase, it starts losing its shine and subconsciously puts people off as they’d question when the next price hike would be. Realistically, looking in on your own individual streaming habits and weighing in on whether regular TV or online streaming services better suit your preferences and convenience is the best way to decide what seems worth it.

200+ Free Watch Tv & Television Images - Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Like most things, TV content and viewing experiences have changed and continue to do so but the consumer craving for personalisation, convenience and portability generally outweighs that. Although TV still maintains a level of popularity, it cannot compete with the entertainment experience that online platforms like Netflix offer regardless of increasing prices.

Easy sells, and Netflix is as easy as it gets.

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