Why Jesmond feels the most like university this year

With campus shut down, Ruby Story Dartford makes her case for the much-loved and loathed student suburb

Ruby Story Dartford
16th December 2020
Image: Graham Robson on Geograph
Having lived in South Gosforth during first year, I never really had the university experience. With two flatmates relocating to new accommodation, and only having made friends from my course, I couldn’t define what university was to me. That was until I moved into Sunbury Avenue, Jesmond at the start of September.

Since then, I've been waking up to music blaring across the road at 9am and students laughing down the street. I've heard boys screaming at the football scores through the walls next door. I have never felt more at home than in Jesmond.

Whilst beaten-up air forces, north face puffers, and gold jewellery will never be part of my vibe, Jesmond will always feel like university to me. It’s the little things. For example, spending half my student loan in the mini Sainsburys, grabbing a Fat Hippo for tea, of shouting across the garden fence to my neighbours. This little haven that is Jesmond has given me more laughter, love and lockdown support than any first year halls could.

I feel at home, at a time when home has never felt further away

The student neighbourhood acted as a saviour over the second lockdown. The escapism of the endless streets, take-aways on tap from local businesses and a familiar face never more than a few streets' walk away. This student hub made me feel at home, when home had never felt further away.

University to me is the swarm of students surrounding the streets. Think rahs queuing up at Starbucks, or those brave enough to venture into the Tesco queue, even if they will be there till next Christmas. Our very own bubble. It’s the alliance that comes with living in a student neighbourhood. We run this suburb and we know it.

Homemade board games, booze and bickers with covid marshals kept us busy during times of boredom. I wouldn’t change this year, even if I could. University to me isn’t the societies or the love for Soho or Shaker, it’s the student spirit that’s kept us going this year. From Sunbury Avenue to Cavendish road, we’ve combated the crisis that is coronavirus, completing degrees online, and coming together like never before.

 If I’ve learnt anything this year, it’s that whatever background, degree, or university – Newcastle or Northumbria – Jesmond unites us. We are all the same: students studying and surviving in the year of 2020.

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AUTHOR: Ruby Story Dartford
Journalist Student studying at Newcastle University.

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