Why my tattoos don't 'mean' anything

Do all tattoos really have to have a meaning?

ashna mathur
5th December 2022
Image Credits: Pixabay
I have five tattoos at the minute- not a lot- but I am planning on getting more soon. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my ideas for the future, and I honestly can’t wait. The problem? None of them ‘mean’ anything. 

I think the idea that all tattoos need to hold some significance is deeply concerned with commitment. Why get something permanent on your body when your interests and likes are constantly changing? Also, tattoo removal hurts a lot! If you’re committing to it, make sure it’s something really important that you’ll never grow out of. 

This idea may resonate with some- and it’s totally valid- but I approach tattoos differently. That’s the beauty of getting inked, this process is so personal and embodies individuality. Am I going to regret my tattoos in 30 years? I think not. 

That’s the beauty of getting inked, this process is so personal and embodies individuality.

One bit of criticism that I’ve seen is “imagine how bad they’d look in your wedding dress.” Does this mean that tattoos are the opposite of elegance? Absolutely not. I firmly believe that mine will look amazing on my wedding day, and I’ll make a gorgeous bride with them. 

My tattoos are purely decorative. They make me happy, and that’s the real reason I get inked. I’ve had trouble explaining their ‘meanings’ in the past, and my inability to do that has been met with some judgment. In high school, I would get pulled by teachers and asked what my 'The Creation of Adam' tattoo meant, and eventually, I got so tired of it that I’d just smile and say, “It means life.” Now that’s stupid. 

If you ask me what my latest tiny flower means, I won’t be able to tell you. It was just an impromptu decision when my mom was getting one, and I absolutely love it. 

That being said, I’m going to contradict myself and say that all tattoos end up meaning something, even if you didn’t intend so initially. Once they’re on your skin, they’re a part of you and become something special!

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