Why should you get into artistic swimming?

Take a dive into finding out about why you should be interested in artistic swimming.

Innez Merrett
25th November 2021
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons
Artistic swimming, or synchronised swimming, is undoubtedly an underrated sport. The majority of people may see it at the Olympics, wonder briefly what it is, and ultimately not think about it again for four more years. However, I’m going to try and convince you that it’s a great sport to watch any time of the year!

First, it should be pointed out that artistic swimming is a performance style sport. It’s a show and the whole aim of it is to look great. This means it’s literally designed to be watched! From the swimming costumes and the music to the make-up and facial expressions, the whole competition is a performance choreographed months in advance. We know it makes people think it’s less of a serious sport but what’s wrong with wanting to put on a show?

The effort athletes put into making the sport look easy means that artistic swimming is actually deceptively challenging. It requires flexibility, strength, and endurance, all while swimming with a smile. There are also a lot of hidden rules which are easy to miss, but when you know them, it makes the sport more complex. Did you know that having more than six lifts in a team gets a penalty? Or that using the pool floor is forbidden? The more you watch, the more you learn, and the more you become invested.

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Even if it’s not a sport you fall in love with and make your friends watch all the time, the novelty of artistic swimming certainly makes it interesting to watch even once. It’s a mixture of gymnastics, swimming, and dancing, which makes it completely different from anything else you will have seen before. Sometimes I find myself watching it and wondering how it even got invented! It’s weird for sure, but that’s part of its appeal.

So, if you find yourself bored over the coming weeks, why not start watching artistic swimming? With the senior championships and combo cup coming up, I can’t think of a better time to try it!

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