Winter Olympics brings disruption to TV scheduling

Like winter weather bringing disruption, the Winter Olympics brings disruption to Law and Order fans.

Carly Horne
16th February 2022
Credit: Pixabay

For many athletes and spectators alike, the Winter Olympics is an exciting time to be a TV viewer. In light of years of disruption to the normal proceedings in sport, the broadcast of the Winter Olympics is not only a sign of our global public health situation moving in the right direction - but great news for sporting fans globally.

For those of us who prefer primetime, crime shows to bobsleighing and ice hockey - the Winter Olympics aren't so great.

In spite of the diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games by Joe Biden, US-based network NBCUniversal has ignored requests from human rights groups not to broadcast the Games. Americans have also been urged by figures such as Laura Ingraham and Josh Hawley to boycott the Network's coverage of the long-awaited Games.

In another vein, comes the disruption to regular programming as a result of the network's coverage of the Winter Olympics. Fans of NBC shows such as Chicago Fire and New Amsterdam will see an extended hiatus of these shows in order to accommodate the Games' broadcast.

Amongst shows affected are Law and Order: Organized Crime and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit - set to return to TV screens towards the end of February.

This disruption has TV fans questioning the relevance of the Winter Olympics, with some expressing a clear disinterest in the Games.

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