Winter Warmers… How to maintain your style and keep warm!

Don't let the winter season dampen your style! Here are all the tips and tricks you need to maintain your 'chic' this winter!

Imogen Clarke
8th November 2021
Credit: Imogen Clarke
Imogen Clarke styling a summer fit, paired with layering garment

The number of times I’ve heard someone say “I only dress nice in summer” or “I can’t wait until summer so I can dress again” (although some people say the reverse!). I don’t know about you, but I want to wear my clothes all year round, without freezing my tits off. But how can we transition our summer looks into winter ones? Well, I’m no expert (or model!), but I’m going to share some of my ideas on this, a crucial issue of our time.

The secret is layering.

Next time you’re getting your stylish Robbo outfit on, see how many layers you can get in. If it’s more than three, I’ll be impressed.

Turtle-neck, top, cardigan, jacket/coat. That’s the secret. You can layer a turtle-neck (or mock-neck, if, like me, you don’t like getting choked) under virtually any summer top or dress, and transition it into a warmer style! Easy!

You can also hide a black cropped cardigan under any jacket, and no one will know.

Talking of cropping, try tying your thinner cardigans over a dress or skirt. Or, my favourite trick, wearing a tighter crop top over a summer dress, then adding a jumper on top and tucking it in. Voila! A cropped jumper, and a nice dress you can keep wearing. You don’t need to go out and buy everything under the sun (or clouds) with these tricks!

Some things you do need though- tights, black boots and some nice thick socks. Don’t get caught out with goosebumps in your new stylish look!

An embarrassing “summer to winter” look-book: (just call me Molly-Mae)

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