With Best Casting becoming a new category, what other Oscar categories should they introduce?

Ever dreamt up of a new Oscars category? One of our writers proposes five new categories for the Academy to jump on

Poppy Bedford
11th March 2024
Image Source: IMDb
With the Oscars introducing the Best Casting Award in 2026, here’s a look at my picks for which awards should be added next:
  1. Best Voiceover

Would David Attenborough sweep this category every year? Yes. Would we eat it up every time? Also Yes.

2. Best Flop

Look, sometimes a film flops when it was actually a pretty decent film. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time for it to be released, maybe all hype for the project had died down after a long production period, who knows. Biggest flop would go to films that are good, but no one saw.

3. Best Should-Have-Been-Better

Some films have the hype, the budget, the actors and then still turn out awful. Best Should Have Been Better would go to those films that had all the options, all the ingredients to be great but was still lacking.

4. Best Not-What-We-Expected

This award would go to those films that really surprise audiences with what they’re about. Good or bad some films are either advertised or changed to be something that the audience was not expecting. Films like Broke Back Mountain, Wonka (for being a musical), etc.

5. Best Looks-Good-On-Paper

Essentially this award would be for the best concept. Sometimes, films have a great concept, something that excites audiences and gets people buzzing for teasers and trailers and, sometimes, those projects just don’t hit the way they’re supposed to. They don’t scratch the itch, they don’t deliver to the fans. That doesn’t mean the concept isn’t good and so, this award, would be a nod to the initial team involved in the project, the ones that created the idea that will hopefully be interpreted in a different way in the future.

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