Women: problems of having a body count

Does society change the way women feel about their sexual partners?

Amana Khan
7th December 2022
Forever, women have been told what they should and should not do with their bodies. Whether that be the clothes they wear, the makeup they wear or the people that they sleep with, women have never been given the right to own their own bodies, unlike men.

You would think that attitudes have changed but it is 2022 and we still hear and see the same sexist and misogynistic views regarding women that were present in the 1950s. Despite the sexual liberation that supposedly occurred in the 1960s, discussions around women having sex is still a taboo subject, and several debates surround a woman and her body count.

For some women sex is a natural part of their life. This could mean having sex with one continuous partner or having had multiple sexual partners. Either one of these options are completely fine, however society seems to disagree.

Women who have had multiple sexual partners and have a body count that is deemed ‘high’, are incredibly judged and subjected to terms such as ‘slag’ or ‘slut’ or ‘whore’. However, men who have the same number are cheered on and celebrated for getting ‘laid’.

For some women sex is a natural part of their life

Now, this is blatant sexism and reinforces the idea that women must remain ‘virginial’ and ‘pure’, whereas men can do whatever they want and not have their character diminished.

It is interesting that some men have no issue with sleeping with women with a ‘high’ body count (that conversation probably never comes up during a one-night stand because it does not matter in that moment for men). However, the same men do not find it plausible to be in a relationship with a woman with a ‘high’ body count as it is not seen as a desirable quality in a girlfriend. This attitude that is amongst some men reflects on a society that is not ready to acknowledge that women have just as much sexual power as men.

The consequence of this sexism is incredibly upsetting. It is upsetting that women believe they must keep their body count a secret in fear of being judged by men, as well as by fellow women. It is also incredibly sad that we are part of a society that places so much emphasis on a woman’s sexuality and what women do with their bodies that it leads to women being judged so harshly on this.

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