'Women's Streetwatch Newcastle'

Meg Howe discusses the organisation helping women to get home safely

Meg Howe
15th October 2021
Instagram @womensstreetwatchncl
‘Women’s Streetwatch Newcastle’, an organisation aiming to reduce “difficult, harmful and uncomfortable situations” faced by women, has gained over 16,000 followers on Instagram within 72 hours, after their first post on 26 September 2021.

The organisation, set up by a small group of friends, is run by volunteers who share a common aim of getting women home safely. After setting up a CrowdFunder page, the organisation has, so far, managed to raise £3,435 (of a £10,000 target), that will fund training for their volunteers and expand their services and resources.

Through the use of their Instagram account, the organisation has made the target audience the centre of their aims. Using posts to ask their followers questions such as “where do you want us to patrol?”, ‘Women’s Streetwatch Newcastle’ are highlighting that their core aim is to place women at the heart of their ideals.

Sever issues regarding women’s safety, throughout the past few months, have prompted organisations such as this to crop up, which is encouraging when it comes to progress in women’s safety. In a similar way, It Happens Here have used their platform to show solidarity for victims of gender based violence. The acts of support highlight the progression that needs to take place to ensure that femme presenting people feel safe when walking the streets at all times.

Social Media Officer for It Happens Here, Kate Brinton, said: “Women’s safety in recent times has become more prevalent than ever, that’s why we support and advertise groups like “Women’s street watch” to give a helping hand to girls who are vulnerable. We have come to realise that even a 5 minute journey home does not guarantee safety. Solidarity and love to all femme presenting people, we will end gendered violence”.

In a time where safety could not be more prevalent, it is encouraging to see that organisations such as ‘Women’s Streetwatch Newcastle’ are taking action and steps to stop and prevent gender based violence on a local and wider level.

You can find more about the organisation and how to get involved at Women's Street Watch - a Community crowdfunding project in Newcastle upon Tyne by Women's Street Watch (crowdfunder.co.uk)

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AUTHOR: Meg Howe
Passionate History student and Educator

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