Word of the week- cafune

Jordan Oloman explains the meaning of the word that English language needs not only on Valentines Day

8th February 2016

So Valentine’s day is coming up soon, as you all may well know, and even if you’re a solemn single pringle, sat there with your Ben and Jerry’s, Love Actually on the TV, thinking ‘oh god the meaning behind this word is going to be some nauseating soppy pap’. Well it is, ok? But I’m no scrooge, so let’s get into it.

Cafune is a word of Brazilian Portuguese origin which concerns ‘the act of running your fingers through your lover’s hair’. I know, I know, get the sick bags out. It’s cute though right?

The best thing is, you can’t translate it into English. It simply doesn’t work. It’s a mysterious and enigmatic little number, so if you’re over the toilet bowl right now at least you’ll never hear it again after this article, ensuring you don’t gallivant to South America and fall for some sun blessed specimen.

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