Word of the week: callipygian

Jordan Oloman bites into this week's juicy word

Jordan Oloman
20th February 2017

Bell Biv Devoe once said, in the peak of their 1990 hit ‘Poison’ that you should “Never trust a Big Butt and a Smile”

Sir Mix a Lot on the other hand had different ideas. His anaconda didn’t want any unless you had baked treats back there. His unapologetic adoration for the caboose is seriously admirable, and creepy uncles across the country honour his patronage by spinning the track at already awkward family parties.

The thing is, this rump deification goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. This is why the marble statue ‘Venus Callipige’ has the most perfectly sculpted cheeks on the globe. Callipygian literally means beautiful buttocks.

The word itself originates from ancient greek where kalli = beautiful and pugḗ =buttocks. As quite a specific word it only has synonyms in modern terms such as bootylicious, bumtastic, and rumpalicious.

Bums are thought to be a good sign of someone's health and reproductive abilities which is why so many of us find them so attractive.It’s clear that as a species, we’ve been in butt love for centuries.

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