Word of the week: ‘Ipsedixitism’

William Allender explores the word 'Ipsedixitism' and its relation to science.

William Allender
14th October 2021
The chosen word of this week is ‘ipsedixitism’! Which is interestingly defined as the dogmatic assertion that something is ‘fact’ without any proof to back it up, or because someone, somewhere said it.

This word can be appropriately applied within the science section as it is absolutely essential that findings have the correct evidence and proof , both necessary to draw reliable conclusions in which other scientists can work from.

We can use Trump’s dangerous advice to inject disinfectant as treatment against coronavirus as an example of ‘ipsedixitism’ as this laughable ‘fact’ was clearly based on some ill-informed evidence.  Any scientist would fear being branded with this word as to be associated with ipsedixitism could be incredibly detrimental to a scientific career!

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