Word of the Week: mud time

Polly Stevens dives into a very soggy word of the week...

Polly Stevens
5th March 2021
Featured image: Diaga Ellaby on Unsplash
You may not have known that there was a phrase in the Oxford English Dictionary for that time of year that just seems, well, muddy.

But there is: mud time. It refers to the period during spring as the weather begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw, leading to every excursion onto an area of ground that isn't pavemented leaving you with trainers that are soaked through.

If you're not a mud lover, the bad news is that March is often a particularly sludgy time of year, so you might want to stay clear of flat grassy expanses, particularly those found at the bottom of hills. The good news is, however, that by April and May “mud time” has generally come and gone – so we can all look forward to being able to venture safely onto the grass without fearing that we might, at any minute, sink into a muddy swamp.

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