'Workin' Moms' season 7: the final farewell

As Season 7 comes to an end, we take a look at the 'Working Moms' of Netflix!

Elena Photiadou
9th May 2023
Image credit: IMDB
One of the funniest shows on Netflix has returned and the 20 minute long episodes that provide pure entertainment did not disappoint once again.

Season 7 of the show certainly touched all of our hearts; if you haven’t watched the season yet, this review will definitely spoil it for you, after the creators decided to dedicate one episode to show parts of the childhood of each main character of the show, following it up with a relevant story. This season was big for Kate as many changes hit her, after making up with her best friend Anne with the duo providing incredible story lines once again, Kate certainly needed to adapt to the situations. From the temptation of getting romantically involved with her new client, to having to make major decisions regarding her career, it all ends with her finally following her heart, staying loyal to her husband and deciding to keep her company after having a small talk with her deceased dad, eventually finding "the magic” she needed.

This season was big for Kate as many changes hit her

The creators revealed an adventurous side of Anne; after the character got hit by a car, she then got caught up on an adrenaline rush that kept her going throughout the season leading her to doing all sorts of crazy things. She finally opened up and got to have a genuine relationship with her daughter Alice, something all of us were waiting to see and watching their two worlds merge had all of us getting sentimental. Our newest mum Sloane experienced for the first time the concept of family, and raising a kid, after having to make hard decisions regarding her career, she finally decided to put it on pause in order for her to witness all the “firsts” of her new child, realising there are greater things in life than just work.

they are once again chaotic, but clearly have a new vision for their future lives

Finally Jenny, the most chaotic one, provides endless laughter as she continued to live in what some might say “ her own world”, showing more clips with her and her daughter, how she was raised and how she finally realised that maybe she wasn’t the best example for her daughter to follow. Eventually she did the right thing and decided to change aspects of herself to find a stable job, and help her daughter not to become like her mum.

The show ended with all of our favourite mums being once again chaotic, but clearly having a new vision for their future lives, all seemingly in a good place, showing up for each other and protecting their friendships; sadly, as the show won’t be renewed, it's time to say goodbye to our favourite 'moms'.

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