World Sandwich Day (the fight for chickpea supremacy)

Here's a whole new way to enjoy chickpeas this World Sandwich Day!

Rachael McCreanor
3rd November 2022
Image credit Instagram: @karissasvegankitchen
The Sandwich - a culinary staple for most, an easy option for some, and a long adversary for me. At the risk of being canceled by die-hard bread fans, I have to admit, I used to despise sandwiches.

The very mention of them made my skin crawl - bread that was somehow both stale and soggy, brown bits of salad, and more hummus than anyone should ever have to consume. They were nightmare fuel. That is until I came across the holy grail of sandwich fillings, the humble chickpea salad.

I could, would, and have, eaten the entire thing in one sitting

Now, I know what you're thinking, chickpeas aren't exactly known for their immensely flavourful properties, but don't let that put you off! With the right accompaniments and some enthusiasm, those little nuggets of joy will change your sandwiches forever. Simply grab a can of chickpeas (drained), a stick of celery, a carrot or two, some dill, a couple of spoonfuls of mayo, and a load of lemon juice, chop them up, mix them together and you've got a ridiculously simple salad perfect for shoving into some pita bread. To make it slightly easier to eat, mash the chickpeas slightly with a potato masher, just so they don't all roll out of your bread. It may not be the most flavourful concoction, but the textures, they are to die for. I could, would, and have, eaten the entire thing in one sitting and I recommend you do too.

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AUTHOR: Rachael McCreanor
Deputy Editor 23/24, PGR Student studying for an MLitt in English Literature. she/her.

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