Xbox vs. Play Station

A piece written by Katie Siddall, with the knowledgable background help from Leo McManus-Andrea

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1st April 2022
A definitive and only correct ranking (Image credits: Pixabay and peakpx)
After researching this subject for a very long time, I have come to the conclusion that I don't care. What don't I care about? Gaming consoles! Now, don't hate me but my only knowledge of consoles comes from my Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii... when I was eight.

Therefore, this did mean I had to do my research - as I previously stated. Though I don't have an opinion on either Xbox or Play Stations, I found that the argument Sheldon Cooper has with himself, and bombards Amy with, in the Big Bang Theory is useless as... they are both basically the same.

Starting with the Xbox:

As I sit currently using an Xbox One, I've figured out how to put Netflix, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer on. That's it. I don't know how to play games on it. One thing I have learnt about the Xbox is that it has 30FPS. More importantly, I learned that FPS stands for Frames per Second!

Now the Play Station:

The upstairs of where I'm currently sat has a PS4 - which I have only watched a DVD and the occasional FIFA match on. The PS4, to be specific, can share its screens on Twitter and Facebook whilst Xbox can only share on Twitter.

Keeping score? 0-2-100. "What is the 100 for?" you ask...

New contender - The Original Nintendo Wii:

The Nintendo Wii prevails all the above as it is the most reliable. The many many games that we grew up on. With its 243MB ATi graphics, 512MB Hard Disk, WiFi and no ethernet - what more would you want? Mario Kart!

The best Mario Kart is on the Nintendo Wii. The testing tracks of Rainbow Road and Wario's Gold Mine alongside Yoshi Falls and Mushroom Gorge. There is also the excellent Wii Sports, which holds tennis and bowling - these games are superior to replicas on any other console.

Therefore, as previously stated multiple times, "I conclude" that the Nintendo Wii is the best console and I hope you have a wonderful April 1st (April Fools').

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